(Cực nóng) proDAD Vitascene v2.0.106 (support PR CS5)

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(Cực nóng) proDAD Vitascene v2.0.106 (support PR CS5)

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Offers professional grade effects that anyone can use easily to enhance their video productions at price points that won’t break the bank. With 500 high quality fully customizable effects, filters and transitions including film look, old film, blur, glow, starburst, sparkle, ripples, movement, liquid, and much more, it’s a snap to add stunning effects to video projects.

VitaScene is a plug-in solution; allowing effects to be used seamlessly from within Windows® based NLEs from Adobe, AVID, Corel, Magix, Sony, Thomson Grass Valley Canopus, and Ulead.

VitaScene takes full advantage of the PC video card’s accelerated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to render video with effects up to 50X faster than just relying on the PC’s CPU to do the heavy lifting. Full utilization of the GPU also renders sharper, crisper finished video.

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch

Professional moods & effects
Effects and transitions with the aid of deliberate blurring, expertly selected colour matches and understated lighting create sophisticated visual moods on film, enabling glamour, flair, charm and drama to be perfectly accentuated - which is why it is barely possible to imagine a professional production without these kinds of effects:
Vitascene makes a perfect quality stylistic device available to everyone - it’s amazingly easy to use and, thanks to the latest GPU technology, lightning fast!

.................................................. .................................................

Brand new technology – 50 times faster than it used to be – with an accelerated GPU!
What is a GPU (graphics processing unit)?
Modern graphics cards have an extremely high level of computing power, which is vastly superior to that of the CPUs used in PCs. With Vitascene this power is used to create effects! Digital processing is carried out by the graphics card, speeding up the whole procedure enormously.

The advantages of GPU processing

up to 50 times faster than using a CPU
perfect quality using 16 bit and 32 bit IEEE
more precise processing for improved quality and sharper details

Quick processing
In the past, these kinds of visual effects have been extremely expensive to produce, but now they are feasible for any professional. Lightning quick processing during editing as well as at the final stage, which is one hundred percent GPU-based, forms the basis for creative production!

What has previously restricted creative editors more than jerky mini-format previews or time-consuming, nerve-wracking preview processing?

.................................................. ..................................................

Easy to use
Naturally, the whole process is aided by fully interactive operation. The compilation of new effects, as well as individual modifications, always takes place with an immediate preview. By experimenting with optical moods and emotive visualisation you will experience a completely new level of quality.

Easy to use, non-complex key frames provide maximum freedom when making changes, resulting in bewitching transition effects, created using a combination of light and blur, as well as magically changing colour compositions within scenes.

Effects libraries
The construction of your own effects libraries within the program for typical, constantly recurring stylistic devices is possible, with the declared aim of expressing the individuality of a production as a corporate style or revealing the particular signature of a stylish editor.

Whether an editor works using editing solution A today and B tomorrow is irrelevant, because, thanks to uniform Vitascene plug-in technology, he can always take his own effects with him to the particular editing solution.

More than 500 effects templates for:
Film Look, Old Film, Blur, Defocus / Bokeh, Frames, Glow, Starburst, Sparkle, Glass effects
Film Effect, Ripples, Bright, Movements, Radial, Liquid, Forms, Rays of light, Colours

proDAD Vitascene v2.0.106 х32х64 bit (Team V.R. Corporate Edition)
Link download
bản 32bit (dành cho PR CS4 OLD & MultiSofft Video Editor):
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bản 64bit (dành cho PR CS5 và Sony Vegas 10 x64):
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pass unrar: luongvo

Đã test trên CS5 và SonyVegas 10 x64 hoàn hảo rồi nhé anh em.

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